3 Simple Exercises for More Pull-ups


3 Simple Exercises for more Pull-ups


These are some of the exact workouts I did to be able to break a world record for Pull-ups.

Whether you are currently able to bang out 40 pull-ups or still mapping out how to do a single rep, these short easy exercises will help anyone.


Let’s cut the jibber-jabber and get right into it!



#1. Your grip. Whether you believe it or not your grip strength plays a huge role in the completion of a pull-up and could be the very reason you can’t do one. Here is a quick workout that after a few sessions will increase your grip strength.


Grab some dumbbells – these will need to be a weight where you can complete 15-20 reps of bicep curls.


Grab some more dumbbells – these will need to be just heavy enough that you can hold onto them for about 10-15 seconds without dropping them.


Exercise – Grab the first set of dumbbells and perform 15-20 bicep curls on each arm. With zero rest time drop them and pick up the heavier pair you’ve chosen, hold them at full arm extension by your hips and go for a nice walk. Anywhere from 20-50ft depending how saucy you’re feeling. Repeat this 3-4 times with rest in between each period.


*Pro tip – As you walk with the weight you’ll want to put them down… don’t!! But, if you have to, go ahead and take a few breaths and pick them back up and complete the full distance.



#2. Negatives. You have probably heard this before but it’s worth repeating! Performing the eccentric portion ( Negative ) when in terms of training is more important than the actual pulling up motion.


Find a pull-up bar – Yes you actually need a pull-up bar for this one…


Find a box/something to stand on – this object will need to be able to… well for one support your weight safely, and two have to be high enough that when you stand on it your chin is over the pull-up bar.


Exercise – While standing on the box grab onto the pull-up bar as though you were going to attempt a pull-up. Slowly transition your weight on to your hands until you are completely off of the platform and lower your body down slowly until you have reached a full dead hang *meaning your arms are completely straight. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times each set and repeat each set 3 times!

*Pro tip – Negatives suck…. But they will give you the results you want!



#3. Supersets. What the heck is a superset anyways? Simply put it is one completed set of a workout immediately followed by another with little or no rest. Both workouts target the same muscles.


Grab some dumbbells – Heavy enough for you to perform 12-15 bicep curls on each arm.


Find a pull-up bar – It can be the same pull-up bar as the one you did negatives on or you can find a new one.


Exercise – With the dumbbells in hand perform 12-15 reps on each arm. Drop those bad boys and jump on that pull-up bar. Now, the number of pull-ups performed will be different for everyone. I like to take my max and take about 75% of that so I can complete multiple sets of this exercise without burning out. Repeat this 3-4 times for good measure.


Math… for those of you who can’t –


Example: Your max is 30 so…. 30 x .75 = 22.5   round up because you’re not weak so the number to aim for is 23!!


*Pro tip – If you can’t do a pull-up yet, substitute pull-ups with a lat pull-down machine!


Incorporate these workouts into your already established routine for the best results!


Good luck and let me know what you think.



Author: michaeleckertfit

Michael Eckert is the founder of Michael Eckert Fit, a former United States Marine and Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to teaching new ways to getting you stronger and becoming healthier.