5 Easy Steps to Start Working Out


5 Easy Steps to Start Working Out


So, you’ve found some inspiration for working out and you’ve planted both feet firmly on the ground with your chest puffed out ready to tackle your wildest training dreams.


Then it hits you… The realization you have no idea where to start or what to do.

Have no fear! We aren’t going to let that spark of determination burn out because from reading this article you will learn the first steps you need to take in order to start your fitness quest!


Step #1. Choose your style – A lot of people believe that when someone goes to, “Workout” that means to find a gym and start throwing around heavy objects and for some, that’s exactly what that means but, that may not be a good fit for you.


There are many styles of training that will open an entirely different network of people to you as well as take your body into different physical directions.

Here are a few styles of fitness I suggest you give a try:


General weight training – This is one that is easy to start with and very universal because you can go any direction from here.  Focus on good form, range of motion and following a schedule – ex. Monday – Chest, Tuesday – Back/Biceps, Wednesday – Shoulders, etc.


There are plenty of videos out there on YouTube demonstrating workouts for each muscle group and with proper form, so do a little research before you go bang out your first sesh!


Calisthenics – This is strictly body weight exercising. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups etc.  It may sound easy because it’s just your body weight but there is a lot more that goes into this style. The ultimate goal is to be a master of your own bodyweight.


There are plenty of communities out there that are more than happy to welcome and teach you the ways of calisthenics, you just need to find one that works for you!

Rock Climbing – This is a very unique sport/fitness endeavor but if you want to get insanely strong I personally suggest you start here.


Find your local rock gym and just go climb! It’s a great workout plus it’s fun too!


Cross fit – This form of training isn’t for everyone. It’s either you love it or you hate it but, definitely don’t knock it till you try it.  It involves very unique styles of Olympic lifts paired with high intensity cardio.  Cross fitters are considered the “Universal Athlete”.


These gyms are freaking everywhere so find one near you and usually they will give you a free trial run to see if you like it or not!


These are just a few styles but there is a plethora out there you can look more into.

Step #2.  Set a Goal – Ask yourself what you want to get out of training. Is it a nice body? Functional fitness for better daily living? Lose weight?


Whatever your reason is just understand you have to be flexible in your decision because 99% of the time your original goal changes.


Once you are part of a fitness community you begin to realize it’s not as hard as you thought and that the once – outlandish decision of working out is now something you love – and that you’re good at!


Choose a goal that is reasonable for you to attain and something you can measure and look forward to achieving.


Remember if your goal is to “lose” weight, understand that muscle weighs more than fat and that you should be looking more towards “lowering” body fat percentage instead.



Step #3. Set a Schedule – If you are working nights then you probably can’t assume that during your (whatever the lunch break is called at 1am) you will be able to go to your average gym because they won’t be open.


Make sure you figure out what time works best around your schedule and most of all stick to it!


Consistency is what gets you results for your fitness goals and having a schedule will make that happen!


Step #4. Have planned rest days – When starting out I would recommend that you start out with 2-3 days a week for the first few weeks. Alternating from one day of training to one day of rest so your body can properly adapt to the new pressure it’s being introduced to.


Your body is going to go through some very rapid changes at first and at some point, you will be very sore or tired. Your tendons will ache and your joints will feel very used.


It’s ok! It’s all part of the process, but make sure you are giving your body adequate time to heal and rest.

Step #5. Don’t give up – It is a long road when fully committing yourself to something new and at first you may feel like it’s not for you.


Don’t’ throw in the towel!  It takes a few weeks to months really start to get the hang of something and to let your body understand it.


I will say if you have given your best and have been consistent with your choice that maybe you need to pick a different fitness style.  There are so many out there and if at first you don’t succeed then try, try again!


Pick something that is fun and go from there, don’t give up on your fitness quest there is a style for everyone I promise!



After you’ve done your research, chose a gym or style, created a schedule and gave yourself enough positive pep-talk to not give up no matter what then it’s time to go out there and get some!


Most of all remember who you are doing this for… You!



Author: michaeleckertfit

Michael Eckert is the founder of Michael Eckert Fit, a former United States Marine and Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to teaching new ways to getting you stronger and becoming healthier.