"I otta ninja star you right in the face for thinking YOU'RE ADVANCED!!"

Dang these little faces keep getting meaner and meaner...

Well... I guess that's a metaphor of life, the better you do, the more people will try to bring you down.

But there is always another side, and that side is the incredible amount of people you can inspire if you do it RIGHT!

Which brings me to WELCOME to the ADVANCED PHASE!!!

Real quick you should know what DYNAMIC STACKING is and how to use it. How to SCHEDULE and CREATE workouts. What MOTOR UNITS are and how to PROPERLY engage your body in a workout yatta yatta...

If any of this is unfamiliar, go back a couple PHASES so you can build yourself up the RIGHT WAY!

If you are confident you know what you're doing, LET'S GO!!


"So... what's up? Advancy pants... You think you're better than me? You want to show off? You think you're soooo coool don't you and that you just want to bring everyone else down while you succeed..." 

Hmmm... Why am I being so mean right now? It's because in this phase you won't learn how to workout because you already know that from the previous phases... No... You will learn how to SURVIVE.

The hardest part about bettering yourself is that some people will bring NEGATIVITY into your life as you grow. It's just how the world works. You will have so much praise, pats on the back, stories of how you inspire people BUT... You will also have people that try to bring you down. They will hit you where it hurts most and sometimes it will be from the people you LEAST expect.

NEGATIVITY is so unfamiliar to our nature that even in the smallest of doses like a comment on social media can hurt our feelings... DON'T LET IT!!! I know it's wayyy easier said than done but do your best to brush it off and not stoop to that level.

Moving on.

As you become more confident in your training using different methods of DYNAMIC STACKS or whatever you're using at this point you will want to try new things. I have fallen on my butt so many times at the gym trying to do some weird movement and I'll be the first to tell you, it's embarrassing!!!

No one likes to fall in front of people and especially be embarrassed. It's demoralizing no matter how confident you are. But... It needs to happen. EVERYONE fails. EVERYONE falls and EVERYONE gets embarrassed. The cool thing is the MORE you experience these things, the BETTER you can deal with them.

You get BRAVER, you become STRONGER, you learn to ADAPT to your environment and you become SMARTER.

When I broke my wrist I was scared out of my mind to do everything because it was the FIRST time I had ever experienced a serious injury. Guess what? I became SMARTER after it happened and I always ADAPT to my environments now to make sure the area is SAFE to train in.

I was scared of jumping and grabbing on to stuff (for a rock climber that really sucked) so I stayed away from it for a while. The first time I ever leaped and grabbed I was so scared that I started sweating before I even tried to jump!! Once I jumped I grabbed on to a ledge and let go immediately with everyone watching. I went from this really strong climber to this guy who looked like a noobie... THAT'S OK!!! We fall so we can get back up!!! They next time I jumped for that ledge I held on to it. I backed up a bit and jumped further and stuck it again- and again- and AGAIN!!! until I was confident with my ability and that began to transition into everything else I did physically. I don't even think about my wrist anymore but I still make sure my environment is SAFE and I am SMARTER because of the fall.

Now I am not saying go out there, jump off a cliff and see how it goes... I am just using my story as an example of how FAILURE can lead to SUCCESS.

That is what the ADVANCED do. They start figuring out their strengths and how they are different than everyone else. They get SMARTER and more EFFICIENT with every movement. It's a phase of learning and hardening. You have to become CONFIDENT in yourself from EXPERIENCE and you have to do that by EXPERIMENTING with some of the stuff that scares you. Whether that be MENTAL or PHYSICAL you have to do the stuff that scares you!

Go to the dragons lair, SLAY him and get the TREASURE!

It's the oldest story in the book but the principles are very much true. 

There are no more lessons, there is only personal experience to be had.

YOU have to be the one to go out there and SLAY the DRAGON.


Doing it alone will show you the answers about yourself that you can't see without being SCARED and ALONE.

Lastly, make sure you are reflecting on your REASON WHY you started this journey in the first place.

I know I have a completely different reason for WHY I do this than I did when I started and it's always good to revisit that place in yourself to make sure you are still on the right path.

So... That's pretty much it for the ADVANCED phase.

I really can't teach you a whole lot more except in specific areas of fitness.

You need to get out there and figure out your place in the fitness world and become the BEST version of yourself!

As always I would like to recap the section...

In the beginning I was mean to you because that's what you'll experience as you grow.

You UNDERSTAND that YOU ALONE need to go out there and SLAY YOUR DRAGON.

And lastly you know that you should revisit YOUR reason WHY you started this journey in the first place. It may have stayed the same and has gotten stronger or maybe it's completely different. But it's important you KNOW WHY you are doing this!

Don't Click This...

"Seriously... Don't... I mean *Cough* I am a Skeleton I can't Talk..."

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