So you're a beginner huh?

Cool, that means you have a basic understanding of WHAT working out is, WHY you are doing it and a basic schedule of WHEN you can train.

If you don't have any of this... Well then you still have some work to do so you build your foundation correctly! Go back to the "JUST STARTING" phase and make sure you do what it says. It's how we are going to make it so you don't plateau or fail.

Mike... What's the point of this section??


In this section you are going to learn the method I created to train. I have used this method to train thousands of People, Marines, Clients and Civilians alike to get them to build insane strength without plateauing!! (I used to sell this information, now you're getting it for FREE so use it!!)

The 3 things you'll learn in the "BEGINNER PHASE"

#1 - The basics of "BODY MOVEMENT"



Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, I don't like waiting around. Let's jump right in!!


It is important to know how your body moves before moving it in a way that breaks it down... to make it stronger... to avoid injury... hmmmm this is a weird explanation.

Just know, you need to understand how the body moves to get the most potential out of your training!

Understanding is POWER!!!

Understand? ;)

Anyways, your body is BASICALLY made up of muscle, bone, some blood, tendons, ligaments, and organs.

We are only going to be concerned about the BONES and MUSCLES right now.



Need to be strong to help support the weight bearing exercises your muscles endure.

**Some foods that help strengthen bones**

#1 Nuts/Seeds (magnesium)

#2 Tap Water (flouride)

#3 Leafy Greens (calcium)

Need to be strong to avoid injury while providing a stable structure to your body.

**Some foods that help strengthen muscles**

#1 Eggs (b vitamins)

#2 Salmon (omega-3 fatty acids)

#3 Chicken Breast (Protein)

Now these are the VERY basics when it comes to what foods help strengthen your BONES and MUSCLES.

We will cover more of that stuff in the NUTRITION section later.

Now I want to talk to you about how the MUSCLES in your body actually work and it's not complicated at all... well I mean it is, but we won't make it hard to understand.

MUSCLES in your body have the ability to CONTRACT, (shorten) and that is it.

The reason your arm can move up AND down is because you have muscles on either side of your arm (bicep/tricep).

One MUSCLE - One Contraction

This is crucial to understand so you know how to properly WORK OUT each muscle group.

Let's say I wanted to work out my TRICEP (back of your arm) how would I do that?

I would take some sort of RESISTANCE (a weight) and PUSH it away from me because we know that muscles can only CONTRACT or shorten meaning I can only move my arm one direction to STRESS the muscle properly.

This means that if my BICEP brings my arm TOWARD my body, my TRICEP pushes my arm AWAY from my body...


Try extending and bringing your arm back in and feeling which muscles are TIGHTENING to make the action happen. Those are the muscles being engaged and the ones being WORKED OUT.

Sweet!!! You now know how to check if your muscles are properly engaging when working out!!!


Now that you know how to use your muscles, we are going to dig just a little deeper!


I'm glad you asked.

A BASIC WORKOUT is a movement designed to target ONE specific AREA.

The reason it says "AREA" and not "ONE MUSCLE" is that there is almost no way to completely isolate one muscle when working out, but we can try our best to do so!!!

An example of a BASIC WORKOUT for your BICEPS would be a BICEP CURL.

A BICEP CURL is a very traditional workout where you take a SOURCE OF RESISTANCE (I say this because it can be a dumbbell/barbell/a rock...) and you extend your arm holding the resistance, once you reach maximum extension SAFELY, you use your BICEP muscle to CONTRACT and bring the SOURCE OF RESISTANCE back up to a FULLY CONTRACTED state.

Trying to specifically target areas is your best bet, so we already used the BICEP CURL example, you could do PUSH UPS for a PEC (chest) BASIC WORKOUT and you can go to the BASIC WORKOUT index and use the ideas from there!!

Rinse and repeat!!

You now know what a BASIC WORKOUT is and how to perform it! Nice!


Alright so you have chosen a bunch of cool BASIC WORKOUTS to do but have NO IDEA when and where to use them...

That's what this lesson is ALL about!

Let's create a BASIC ROUTINE!

So let's say it's TUESDAY... and uh oh, TUESDAY is ARM DAY!!! (best day ever!)

How should I organize my time at the gym?? (or home or wherever)

Good question! (you're full of awesome questions! :P)

You should organize it something like this and remember to keep is SIMPLE!!!

TUESDAY (arm day)


Warm Up


Bicep Curls x10 (reps) x3 (sets)

Rest 60-90 seconds (between sets)


Farmers Walks x25 feet - x3 (sets)

Rest 60-90 seconds (between sets)


Push Ups x10 (reps) - x3 (sets)

Rest 60-90 seconds (between sets)

Cool Down

So to break it down you would be doing 3 separate BASIC WORKOUTS with a variable amount of rest in between each set. (I personally don't put an EXACT amount of rest on my workouts because it all depends on how you feel. I do an approximate amount)

You would be doing a certain amount of reps each set and then repeating however many times you put on your schedule.

REMEMBER, things change ALL THE TIME and it's NEVER going to be PERFECT on paper so this is just an outline of what you are planning to do!!!

Remember to keep it SIMPLE and as time goes on you won't even need to bring a schedule of what you're doing that day, YOU'LL JUST DO IT!!!

The WARM UP and COOL DOWN sections are very important so they are actually a totally other section. Go check them out so you can PROPERLY go train and avoid injury!!!


You made it all the way through the BEGINNER PHASE!!!

I was already proud of you... Now I'm even prouder!!

Let's recap real quick on what you now know!!!

You know how the BODY MOVES because of the MUSCLE and BONES we have in us. You know what a BASIC WORKOUT is and how to PROPERLY witness if a muscle is being ENGAGED during a workout, and FINALLY you know how to put together a BASIC ROUTINE you can take to the gym and try out!!!

Awesome job and if you think you're ready, click the PIRATE FACE to move on to the INTERMEDIATE PHASE.

"RRRR yee thinks they is ready for INTERMEDIATE PHASE do yee?? We'll see about that... RRRR"


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