So you can't even do 1 simple Pull Up Huh?

Sheeesh, what CAN you do??

Lol I'm just joking... Relax!!!

PULL UPS are HARD!!! That's why they are so good for you!

Lot's of people struggle with PULL UPS, even the MILITARY struggles with achieving the MINIMUM... and it's their job!!

So it's ok to suck at them!!!

Well... At least for now it is!!!

The REAL struggle, I will be honest with you comes with getting your first one.

There are A MILLION different reasons why you aren't able to do a PULL UP.

Usually it boils down to lacking grip strength...

"But Mike. I can hang on the bar... doesn't that mean my grip is strong enough..?"

Yeah I get that but there are around 37 muscles in your forearms that (if trained properly) will help you get your first PULL UP! Those muscles are usually not all working together or are lacking substantial strength (especially in females- just from my experience)

That is one of the BIG reasons I see people FAILING to do a PULL UP.

There are many other factors because EVERYONE is different.

But no matter the situation, we are going to get you that FIRST ONE.

I've seen it done a thousand times before, YOU can do it too!!

It's just going to take some work on your part to strengthen the areas in your body that need some attention!!

Alright let's handle a few PREREQUISITES before you start!

#1 - If this is your first time working out ever, please go to the "I'm Just Starting" Phase tab and start from there. Come back when you have a better understanding of how working out... works!

#2 - If you are VERY overweight (not super muscular) let's just say FAT... (sorry not sorry) then lose some weight before attempting to lift all that weight up with tendons and muscles that are NOT ready to do such a thing.

#3 - If you have an injury, please see a doctor and do not attempt to do a PULL UP at this time.

#4 - A PULL UP is an INTERMEDIATE exercise so please understand that you should have some sort of prior training before attempting a PULL UP.

If you pass all of the PREREQS then CONGRATULATIONS!

We are going to jump right in to getting you that FIRST PULL UP!

So you're ready to jump on the bar and just start pulling huh?

It's funny, I have actually seen trainers tell people to do this...

They are just yelling "PULL HARDER!!! YOU'LL GET IT!!!"

Yeah... that's funny to me because that will get you NOWHERE!!!

Anyways, you're not even allowed to touch a Pull Up Bar until we build you up PROPERLY!!!

Before we even DO THAT, I want to make sure you know what a PROPER PULL UP is...


The Set Up:

Step #1 - Your palms will be facing AWAY from your body. If they are facing TOWARD your body, that is a CHIN UP not a PULL UP!

Pull Up

Chin Up

Step #2 - Figure out your "Natural Distance" - This is the distance your hands are apart from one another that FEELS the most NATURAL. (a good rule is just OUTSIDE your shoulder width)

Step #3 - Choose a Grip Style "Thumb OVER or UNDER" (personal preference)



Step #4 - Grab the bar comfortably (meaning if your skin is being pinched or it doesn't feel good, adjust your finger placement on the bar to feel as good as possible when your whole weight is on your hands)

Pinched Skin

Proper Placement

Wrap After

Properly Placed

Step #5 - Squeeze the bar with your hands (intensely) before engaging into the Pulling Portion **This helps engage and stabilize more muscle to help assist in the Pulling Motion.

Not Engaged

Engaged (Squeeze)

Step #6 - Focus on engaging all of your arm muscles combined with you back muscles and stabilize your body with your core while you pull ALL the way to the top of your bar. Making sure your CHIN goes ABOVE the bar. (or else it doesn't count)


Engaged Muscles

Step #7 - Continue to engage all the muscles you used when PULLING your body up, and release them slowly until you reach a full dead hang position. (arms fully extended)




**PRO TIP - I never cross my legs when doing PULL UPS ever... I believe it isn't practical and it will create muscle imbalances over time. (personal preference)

Not Crossed



**The programs are 4 days a week**

only 3 days in the INTRO week

The scheduling is up to you how to set it up but you should include 3 ACTIVE (meaning stretching, light cardio etc) rest days during your training but the BSB can also be combined with any program you are already doing if you can handle the work load.

And example of how to design you schedule is-

Monday - Workout 1

Tuesday - Active Rest

Wednesday - Workout 2

Thursday - Active Rest

Friday - Workout 3

Saturday - Workout 4

Sunday - Active Rest

**The schedule is up to you but when I do these workouts I usually workout 5-6 days a week so I combine it with other training!!

Awesome, now that you know HOW to do a PROPER PULL UP. It's time to make you strong enough to do one!

Now I am going to link you the exact routine I used to sell so please use it to it's full potential. 

It's a PDF file that shows you all the workouts you will do for 3 weeks and then assess your ability to do a PULL UP.

The WORKOUT VIDEOS are included in the PDF but you can also find them in the WORKOUT VIDEOS section! So there won't be any confusion.

Good luck and remember to stick with it!!!

Click to download!

How to get Your 1st Pull Up!

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