"1% Every day for the whole year makes you 365% better than when you started"


-Michael Eckert

Yo what is up!





Michael Eckert aka @MichaelEckert_Fit here and I have something really cool to introduce to you!!!


I had one of these things about 2 years ago with a vision and a purpose of teaching fitness knowledge to as many people as possible FOR FREE!! But... I made a choice to partner up with some very successful people who taught me how to sell... I hated it, but I was locked into this partnership and couldn't do anything about it...


We developed a company called BAR BREAKER (maybe you've heard of it?), sold some programs and earned some money but it felt so off to me... Like my inner voice was being drowned out by what I HAD to do in this contract... UNTIL!!!


One day out of the blue, the team I worked with, who had the option to step away, STEPPED AWAY!!

They said here is the company, good luck!

So I was by myself for a few months with a company I developed to sell workout programs, insane overhead, and still drowning out my inner voice...

I was holding on to this idea that since I was handed this company, I was SUPPOSED to just keep it running because I have never closed a business before and I see that as a failure...

You learn more from failure than you do from success.


Which is why I decided it was time to let BAR BREAKER LLC come to a close...


It's weird... Right when I made that decision and ACTED on it, (because there was a lot of thinking about it) My inner voice got so damn loud that I had to do something!!


This is why you see this website. You see the font style I chose because I like it and you'll see that everything is FREE!!! (except T-shirts and a couple other things) because that's what I WANT.


I've looked around at thousands of websites.


The old team and I bought MANY programs to see how they functioned and you know what??


IT'S ALL TRASH!!! - And you gotta pay for it...


The FREE info you get is GARBAGE and just leads you into something to pay for and THAT'S GARBAGE TOO!!!


The two programs I used to sell for 77$ and 97$ were intended to be actually useful since I made them passionately and because I was so against selling stuff, that if I was going to sell anything it was going to be good.


I am going to put them on this website... FOR FREE!!!


Because that's what I WANT.


I didn't start this endeavor to get rich... I started it in memory of my best friend Sgt Green.


Putting a price tag on any of it seems wrong and I genuinely just want the world to be a more physically fit place.

I am monetizing the site with some ads because in real life, nothing is ACTUALLY free (at least on my end).


I am also selling some shirts too to keep the movement going.

All I ask from you is that YOU stick to it.

One of the ways I used to justify selling programs was telling myself "well, if they sacrifice something like MONEY, then they will want to stick with it more..." and while yes that is actually true... I would rather just put it out there and hope what I am doing is enough sacrifice for you to stick with it...

To help me out with this is if you become SUCCESSFUL, tell your friends about the website.

Subscribe to my Social Media aka YouTube, Instagram etc... and give me some feedback...

That's all.


I want you to SUCCEED and I don't want a price barrier to come between you and a BETTER YOU.

It's my way of trying to make the world a better place and I am really good at it.

So if you have made it this far, thanks for reading.


NOW go explore all the possibilities of who YOU can BECOME!!!


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