How I Broke A World Record


How I broke a world record


For those of you who don’t know me personally…  It’s about to get personal!


Keeping it short – I am Michael Eckert, United States Marine, Personal Trainer *yatta yatta yatta – you can read all of this in the “About” section of


What you don’t know about me is that very recently I had a terrible accident and broke my non-dominant wrist.  I won’t go too into details but I basically fell off of a 13-foot pull-up apparatus while training for “Ninja Warrior” and 2 surgeries later, here I am.


What does any of this have to do with breaking a world record?


Well I’ll tell ya…


In 2015 while I was stationed in Japan I completed 50 strict, no kip pull-ups in 60 seconds. I beat the old record of 43 by 7 and the record still stands today.


With recent events involving my wrist injury there has been an influx of “now’s my chance” positions pertaining to people who have been training to beat the record. I am here to basically say, don’t give up and to encourage you to do so!


I am going to be honest, there isn’t some secret formula to achieving strength like this because it all boils down to either you have the passion to put the daily effort in, or you don’t.


When I first decided I was going to break the record I could already do 40 solid reps due to my love for physical fitness and also because I am a US Marine and well, we do a lot of pull-ups.


I changed my regiment to focus more on isolating the muscle groups involved in a pull-up and really broke it down barney style.  Forearms, biceps, core, lats making sure to attack every muscle from every direction to make them as strong as possible.


After about two months I was ready.. or so I thought.. I set up my camera, set up a timer and gave it everything I had.  46 reps was my total when I first broke the record on video.  I sent the video off to Guinness to be verified and waited patiently.  It takes about 6-8 weeks to get an initial response and the first message I read was basically, “uhhhh, did you even read the guidelines?”. I was heartbroken to say the least because I had already been telling people I had beat it and word was getting around that I was the new champ.

Don’t count your chickens before you read the guidelines.


I didn’t realize that there was so much that needed to be submitted for a record approval.  Witness statements, multiple video angles, multiple time keepers, an audience! etc. So now I am sitting there, eating my “I’m awesome cake” and I haven’t trained to beat a record in almost 2 months, what the heck do I do?


I’ll tell you what the heck I did – I trained my ass off for the next 4 months out of spite for the premature celebration and I got together everything that was in those guidelines and submitted another attempt for the record this time with the number 50 in my corner.  Another 2 months went by and I received an email stating that this time my record was “under review” and for the next 4 months I was biting my nails until the next email arrived.


Congratulations Mr. Eckert on achieving a new World Record! This time was the real deal and it felt amazing. The training, long hours, the feeling of embarrassment and regret the first time around all melted away because I was the new record holder.


So, all in all, yes it does take hard work and tough training to get the strength to physically perform the pull-ups.


But most off all I have to give credit to the passion I had towards wanting to achieve something great.


That was the reason I was successful.


Passion is this driving force behind anything great that has, or ever will happen.


But Mike why are you telling people this? Do you want someone to break your record?


Yes, the whole purpose behind this community I have built is to inspire people to better themselves physically and to do great things.  If someone breaks my record because I inspired them, that’s a win in my book, but just remember…


If you do break my record, I am right behind you!!


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Michael Eckert is the founder of Michael Eckert Fit, a former United States Marine and Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to teaching new ways to getting you stronger and becoming healthier.


  1. I have already said before ,but you are impressive, motivating, inspirational, funny, kind. I could keep going but I wont. Just keep up the great work and we will see you on American Ninja Warrior kicking butt!!!! God bless you!!!

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