Wowwww!!! Welcome to TIER 4!!!

If you are doing 23+ Pull Ups you have reached the HIGHEST ECHELON of my training!!

The next 6 weeks of this program are designed to take your training to the next level!!!

You are already one of the ELITE when it comes to Pull Ups!!!

Complete this program and then start experimenting with YOUR OWN training because you already know what you're doing!!

**The programs are 4 days a week**

only 3 days in the INTRO week

The scheduling is up to you how to set it up but you should include 3 ACTIVE (meaning stretching, light cardio etc) rest days during your training but the BSB can also be combined with any program you are already doing if you can handle the work load.

And example of how to design you schedule is-

Monday - Workout 1

Tuesday - Active Rest

Wednesday - Workout 2

Thursday - Active Rest

Friday - Workout 3

Saturday - Workout 4

Sunday - Active Rest

**The schedule is up to you but when I do these workouts I usually workout 5-6 days a week so I combine it with other training!!

Good Luck!!!

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Tier 4 Pull Ups

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