I'm Just Starting...

This is You!

You are a weird looking baby thing that knows NOTHING about fitness!!

That's OK!! EVERYONE starts out as a weird baby thing not knowing anything about anything... Crazy right? Not really...

Lot's of people have no idea what they are doing in the fitness industry or even WHY the hell they are even doing it.


I'm going to TEACH you!!! 

#1 Why do you want to be fit?


#2 Understanding the body

#3 How to create YOUR plan!

I hate dillydallying so let's jump right into it!!


So you've decided something in your life needs to change... YOU! Great job! I'm proud of you because investing in your health and fitness is one of the best ideas you can make!! But, dun dun dunnnn,

"life ain't all sunshine and rainbows..."

It will get hard, you will fail, you will want to quit... A LOT! -It's ok... we all do. Even the best of us want to quit sometimes. I remember when I broke my wrist competing on American Ninja Warrior and my doctor told me after the second surgery I would never have the same grip strength I used to... I wanted to quit. The passion I have and my strong reason WHY is what kept me going on until I broke another world record for Pull Ups!


What separates successful endeavors from repeated failure is- consistency, and that means being consistent with YOURSELF! 

Which brings me to #1 -YOUR WHY-

What makes you want to make this change for yourself?

You have to really ask yourself this question and this is probably the most important step you can make when stepping into a new goal.


Ask yourself WHY?

I'll tell you my reason why, but go grab some paper and a pen so you can start to jot down some reasons why you want to do this...

Go get it... I'll wait... It's important you WRITE IT DOWN!!!



Ok you ready?

** Story Time **

My best friend Sgt Tyree Green and I were stationed in Japan together for over 2 years. We used to workout together every day and decided when were to come off of active duty that we would open a gym and teach people how to better themselves physically. In March 2017 I had a pretty bad fall off of an obstacle and I shattered my wrist. 2 days later... Tyree passed away. Needless to say it was the hardest week/next year of my life. My reason WHY is that I made a promise to Tyree that I would continue to do what we talked about doing together. That is what keeps me pushing through the pain, getting up on the mornings I don't want to get up. To not only better myself, but to better as many people as I can. I made that promise. My reason WHY will keep me going no matter how many times I fail. That is WHY I do what I do.

Now... I understand your reason WHY may not be as powerful as mine but your reason will change and become stronger over time. My first reason WHY was just competing to be better than my older brother when growing up... So, for now just write some stuff down, see what sticks out and hold on to that for now! 

Remember 1 thing, you are doing this for yourself and no one else. You might have your reasons like having more energy to play with your kids... break that down into YOU having more energy.


Do it for you.

LESSON #2 - The Body

Alright so now you have a reason why, it's now time to learn the basics of the body. I PROMISE, it's the very basics but you need to know these things.

We will start with the head and work our way down.

The "HEAD"

The head houses your BRAIN... If you have one... kidding everyone has one!!

The "Brain"


"Upper Front"

Traps* (shrugs)

Pecs* (chest)





Rectus Abdominis* (6 pack)


"Lower Front"

Quads* (squat)


(toe up)


"Upper Back"

Erector Spinae* (lower back)

Tricep* (push up)

Forearm* (grip)

Lats* (pull up)


(side ab)


"Lower Posterior"







(foot down)

Woohoo!! You did it!! Nice Job!!


Remember these are just the VERY basics when it comes to the human body... We just went over muscle locations and some minimal nutrition info. It's enough to get you started when figuring out what to work out and where!!

Keep going!!

LESSON #3 - Creating YOUR Plan!

Keep. It. SIMPLE!!!

I want to start off saying that there is nothing worse than creating an insanely complex schedule that looks good on paper but is NOT realistic.

I want you to think about 3 things when making this schedule.

#1 - This is YOUR schedule and no one shares the same goals as you.

#2 - This schedule is "flexible" meaning whatever you write down can change.

#3 - Make it easy first, get into the groove of having a schedule and add more as time goes on.

When making a schedule you will want to incorporate as many muscle groups as possible (all if you can) throughout the week.

Here is an example schedule- 

Monday - Upper Body

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Core/Skill Training

Thursday - Walk

Friday - Lower Body

Saturday - Walk/Jog

Sunday - Stretch/Mobility

(Active Rest)

See how easy it is?

Just make it work around your schedule and you are still in the "I have no idea what I'm doing phase" so we will cover the basic workouts in the "BEGINNER" section!

For now, just write down a schedule you think will work for you and we can get into the details of what you will be doing in the "BEGINNER" section!

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