"RRRR so yee thinks they be INTERMEDIATE do yee?? We'll see about that!!! RRRR"

Yeah don't mind that Pirate dude up there... he's kind of an A$$ but he means well!!!


I always want to go over the few things before we jump right in on what you should ALREADY know about before continuing and if you DON'T it's important you go back and UNDERSTAND them before moving on!

You should know WHY you are doing this.

You should know HOW to create a BASIC ROUTINE.

You should know WHAT a BASIC WORKOUT is.

You should know HOW the BODY MOVES.

You should know WHAT and WHERE muscles are.

You should know HOW to CREATE a schedule.

If you know all of that... YOU'RE GOOD!

Let's get right into it!!

Intermediate phase only has 2 lessons because they are VERY important.

It's probably the most important section on the site because it teaches you my unique style of training that I have used to get INSANELY strong, NEVER get bored, and NEVER plateau!!

It will teach you how to get the FULL POTENTIAL out of your body. 

I like to call it SQUEEZING the WHOLE orange to get all the juice out (aka your potential) so there is nothing left!!

You READY?? Sweet let's go!!

What you will learn in INTERMEDIATE PHASE


LESSON #2 - How to APPLY Dynamic Stacking to your ROUTINE!


DYNAMIC STACKING!!! Woohoo I finally get to talk about this!! This is kind of my fitness baby since it's a strategy that I developed from over 12 years of trial and error and I actually used to sell this information... So it's worth A LOT!!!


But now you get to learn it FOR FREE!!!


It's my SECRET SAUCE of training that completely changes the game.


Ok... Ok... I've built up enough suspense to actually tell you what DYNAMIC STACKING is!!! 

(this is like telling you the crabby patty formula...) 

Dynamic Stacking is a cocktail of Rock Climbing Technique, Traditional Workouts, Weight Lifting and Calisthenics.

It is your NEW way of life at the gym or wherever you workout.

How it works - The reason it is called Dynamic STACKING is because you take multiple BASIC WORKOUTS and you STACK them on top of each other with NO REST in between sets.

You create little CIRCUITS.

I'll give you an example - 


Stack #1

Bicep Curl x12

(no rest)

Pull Ups x12

(no rest)

Dumbbell Row x12

(repeat stack x3 times)

(rest 60-90 seconds between stacks)

That example I just gave you... I still use in my training to this day. It's one of my favorites.

Now that you have seen an example of a DYNAMIC STACK I will explain how it works.

The reason Dynamic Stacking works so well is that you are taking a traditional workout such as a PULL UP and making it way more efficient.

The point is to fatigue the PRIMARY muscle groups such as the BICEPS and LATS before performing the PULL UP so your body can target the HARD TO REACH areas like your STABILIZER muscles.

People think that if you have big BICEPS and LATS you'll be able to do a lot of Pull Ups or move a lot of weight, while this is true to an extent, you are actually LIMITING the amount of potential if you don't train your stabilizer muscles.

STABILIZER MUSCLES - (smaller muscles that help support the primary muscles)

It basically makes your body into an EFFICIENT UNIT that works together instead of relying heavily on certain muscles to do ALL the work.

It's why I am not a big person, but I am really strong!!!

I hope you are understanding how DYNAMIC STACKING works and since I created it there are no books on it so I am just doing my best to explain it!!

Now I will explain how to create your OWN dynamic stacks!!!

LESSON #2 - How to APPLY Dynamic Stacking to your ROUTINE!

So I gave you an example of a DYNAMIC STACK but I didn't really explain how to create one yourself and that is what this lesson is going to teach you!


I will explain these-

ROCK CLIMBING - Focusing on grip strength, finger training and upper body stamina. I use this as the "functional" application to training.

TRADITIONAL WORKOUTS - These are the staple exercises like Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift etc... Socially accepted norms of exercise.

WEIGHT LIFTING - Wait... isn't this the same as traditional workouts? Yes and no. Weight lifting can involve ANY type of movement with weight and there are a lot of exercises that I use in my workouts that involve weight that are not normal.

CALISTHENICS - Any exercise using only your Body Weight.

The coolest part about all of this, you can make it your OWN!

This is just how I personally do it!

The way DYNAMIC STACKING works is once you understand how to stack workouts PROPERLY, you can make up whatever you want!

Here is how to PROPERLY stack workouts so you get the most out of them.

We will use the PULL UP example again since this is a common issue for people.

Usually (remember this can all change) I pick a workout that involves A LOT of muscles - like a PULL UP.

By the way you need to be able to do a few Pull Ups before you incorporate them into a workout.

I will take that Pull Up and put it in the MIDDLE of the DYNAMIC STACK.

I do this because if you put it at the end you'll be too fatigued to maintain proper form and if you put it at the beginning you'll not utilize the stack properly.

With the PULL UP in the MIDDLE I will then put a form of WEIGHT LIFTING before the PULL UP. You need to pick a workout that targets one of the PRIMARY muscles in the PULL UP. (BICEPS or LATS to keep it simple) Let's pick LATS.

So since we picked LATS you'll then choose a workout that targets your lats. Let's say a dumbbell row. Put that workout directly BEFORE the PULL UP portion of the stack and it will work nicely!

Now you will want to finish off the stack because I always want it to be a MINIMUM OF 3 WORKOUTS. To get the most out of it. I will choose another workout that targets one of the PRIMARY areas of the PULL UP to completely fatigue the rest of the muscles being used.

Let's say a BICEP CURL to keep it easy and target the BICEPS (you can pick lats again but that's kind of redundant or you can even add a 4th or 5th workout to REALLY fatigue your body. Again, it's all up to you!)

Now you will have to EXPERIMENT with quantity of reps in between stacks because everyone is different. You will also have to figure out what weight you can SAFELY and with GOOD FORM use during your stacks.

A good rule of thumb would be around 75% of your total max reps and 25%-50% of the max weight you can lift.

Again... You'll have to experiment with what works for you because there is no MAGIC NUMBER for everyone.

The rest is zero in-between workouts. Choose a rest time for the end of the stack. I keep my rest time 60-90 seconds to give myself a chance to start earlier or rest the whole 90 seconds!

So now we have made our very own DYNAMIC STACK! and we understand why we constructed it this way.


Stack #1

Dumbbell Row x??

(no rest)

Pull Ups x??

(no rest)

Bicep Curl x??

(repeat stack x3 times)

(rest 60-90 seconds between stacks)

Phewwwww... I know it's a lot of information but if you do this correctly, you'll take your training to a place it's never been before!!!

You now have 1 stack created. I tend to put about 3-5 stacks in a FULL DAY gym workout but you can choose however many works for you!

Try to make sure you are sticking to your plan of the day as in which muscles you wanted to workout. I wouldn't choose PUSH UPS if it were a LEG DAY.

One key thing to remember is that you are different than EVERYONE else. You are making this to your own standards and it will NEVER be perfect. You just learn and get better and better as you go!

Do your best and make some cool stacks!! Try them out and if they suck then try again!! It's that easy.

AWESOME!!! That's so cool you now have the SECRET SAUCE to start getting the most out of your training!!

Let's recap what you learned in this section!!

You know what DYNAMIC STACKING is.

You know HOW to create a DYNAMIC STACK.

You know that no stack is PERFECT.

You know that you have to EXPERIMENT with your own stacks to get them JUST RIGHT!

Since this was a lot of information I suggest you do some PRACTICAL APPLICATION before moving on to the ADVANCED portion.

If you think you're ready. Click the NINJA FACE to head over to the ADVANCED PHASE!

Click to move to


"MMM... Yoo think yoo advanced? We'll see..."

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