Life hits hard. You hit harder.


Life hits hard… You hit harder.




Life is going to kick your ass when you are at your best and when you are at your worst.


You just so happened to be more prepared and stable when you are at your best to deal with it.



I recently got out of the military and had an awesome plan to break 4 more world records and start my fitness business as soon as possible.


Well, my plans fell short when 3 days before coming off of active duty, I had a terrible fall and broke my wrist.


Being all drugged up on pain meds and feeling helpless because I couldn’t do anything I had been training to do I wasn’t in a good place.


Shortly after my best friend in the military passed away and right after that so did my grandma.


Everyone goes through some pain and discomfort at times but it is when you are already down that it hits the hardest.


Everyone has their own pains and story they are working through, none of which one out-weighs another.


I am explaining my personal story because it is to show that no one has a perfect life and each and every one of us goes through some tough shit sometimes.


It’s how we come out of it that matters. Surround yourself with good people, friends and family. Time heals all wounds and you can overcome any obstacle.


Taking 1 step each day is better than taking no steps and I promise you will start to gain momentum.


Stay strong, stay motivated and keep pushing through no matter what your story throws at you.


Just a little motivation for you!!

Author: michaeleckertfit

Michael Eckert is the founder of Michael Eckert Fit, a former United States Marine and Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to teaching new ways to getting you stronger and becoming healthier.


  1. Michael, you’ve always built people up since I’ve been following you on YT and Instagram which is nothing that bad…😁 Your activities are a great addition to my training; it’s always undeniably inspiring to watch your crazy strenght and motivation even during the last few months after your accident. Keep on pushing and take this back as an ispirational comment from me.

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