Pull-up Tips #1


Pull-up tips #1




This will be your first step to help increase Pull-up strength!


Apply these workouts to your normal routine!!




I recommend giving yourself about 30 minutes at the end of your fitness day to complete these exercises and gain an edge towards pull strength!




Exercise 1Negatives – Super easy just step on a platform that will allow you have your chin above the bar and take out the pulling motion completely!!


Step off of the platform and lower yourself to straight arm hang for 5-7 seconds.


Do about 5-7 each set for about 4-5 sets.


If it gets too easy either add some weight to your body or take out the box!




Exercise 2Bicep curls – Add some bicep curls into your routine right before doing another workout such as negatives for the best results!




Exercise 3 – Ledge Pull-ups – By doing Pull-ups or just hanging on a ledge you are isolating your forearms and fingers to the point where they will get stronger!!


Keep your fingers flat and resist through the burning feeling for the best results!!




Exercise 4 – Push-ups – With any strong side to your body you also need to make sure you balance your muscles as best as possible!! Incorporate some pushups to help balance all of the pull exercises you will be doing!



Stay updated for more routines because there are many more simple tips and tricks on the way!!!

Author: michaeleckertfit

Michael Eckert is the founder of Michael Eckert Fit, a former United States Marine and Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to teaching new ways to getting you stronger and becoming healthier.