What are you INFLEXIBLE or something??

Yeah... Me too...

Stretching in my HUMBLE opinion is one of the hardest things to do, but we ALL KNOW how good it is for you.

It's like your mom telling you to EAT YOUR VEGETABLES... We know we should, but we really DON'T want to do it.

There is a lot of weird info out there on how to stretch and what you should and shouldn't do and I AM NO EXPERT... But I am a student of EXERCISE SCIENCE, a CPT (certified personal trainer) and have done this for a very long time so I know enough from experience to RECOMMEND how to PROPERLY STRETCH!!!

Here is what I know-

Stretching is good for ROM (range of motion), REDUCING STRESS, BLOOD FLOW, FEELS AMAZING (after...) and TAKES A LONG TIME!!!

It's recommended that you stretch for a MINIMUM of 60 seconds in each muscle group in order for the muscle to RELAX and for you to get something out of it.

Ok so 1 minute x a bunch of muscles... MIKE THAT'S A LONG TIME!!!

Yeah I know... It's one reasons stretching is so challenging for me personally because it TAKES SO LONG!!!

But it's essential for you to take your training to another level so let's get it done!!

Key points-


Make sure to breathe during your stretches because that helps your mind and body RELAX the muscles to get a better stretch.

Don't OVERSTRETCH. This was a problem I had when I first started stretching because I hated it so much. I figured if I just pulled harder I could cut my time in half... WRONG... Your body actually has an injury prevention mechanism that will PREVENT you from stretching at all if you don't EASE into the stretch. That's why it is important to stretch for a minimum of 60 seconds to allow your body's fight or flight response to settle down and allow your muscle to stretch!

Now that you know what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do... SUCK IT UP and let's stretch!!!


Full Body Stretching Routine-

(hold 60 seconds MINIMUM each position

and remember to breathe)

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